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Sand making machine equipment rotor life

sand making machine is now due to the long work under harsh conditions, and will exacerbate the rotor bearing wear. If not the rotor, Sand will not work, we can see that the rotor in which the device is part of the core components, is irreplaceable. Sand equipment rotor work which, with the irreplaceable. However, it was part of the wearing parts in the crusher rotor which, belongs to an irreplaceable role, and it is a consumable part, the rotor bearing is not only expensive, but also very difficult to replace, if improper operation, often result in equipment downtime losses. To traditional sand making equipment in the market, leaving the impression that the low-cost, low-quality, low-tech, and with the international mining industry standards rising, production capacity and technical level, there is a new breakthrough, combines advanced production technology, and efficient production capacity, so that production technology and capacity of the equipment has a new breakthrough. From traditional equipment on the basis of the improvement comes, the introduction of advanced production technology, using the latest materials to enhance the durability and ability to fight wearing parts. How to take effective measures to improve the crusher rotor bearing life, is our users in the use of the process, are most concerned about, it's a normal situation we need to be extra attention. When users type in the purchase of the rotor and the bearing of the time, need extra attention, the right choice is very important. Need to select the timely depending on the model of the device. Gunzi double row spherical bearings have a strong bearing capacity, good self-aligning performance advantages. So, we choose, you need to use this as a rotor bearing bearing, in addition, in the selection of the bearing life calculation should be based on 5000 ~ 10000h appropriate. When users are in the purchase of components, the need for different devices depending on the model itself, timely choice, only a reasonable mix of models, because different types of components, their work performance is also very different. Reasonable mix of components to be able to protect the Sand play a unique advantage.