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Sand making machine preferred device

When the material after crushing fineness sand making machine fineness requirements are relatively high, then, was broken out of the material requires the more detailed, the crushing capacity will be smaller. For the composition of the material, the more pre-crushed material powder contains, the more it will affect the crushing capacity, because they are relatively easy to be adhered powder together, and affect to the conveying effect. To avoid these problems occur frequently, when we operate Sand, need extra attention, strengthening basic knowledge of everyday devices to understand, you can protect the Sand smooth during normal production work, but also to protect Sand production effect change to achieve the optimum production status. VSI Series Vertical Shaft is the latest successful development of a new generation of Sand with international advanced level. Technology accumulation for many years, modern processing equipment Seiko produced to ensure the VSI Series Vertical Shaft leading position in the industry. Excellent value for money, reliability, unique in its class. VSI series of high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher, also known as Sand, Sand is the combination of this new working conditions in China, the introduction of the German experts on the latest research results, through improved design of a new generation of new sand making equipment, is currently exclusive domestic production of the world's advanced level of the third generation of high-performance equipment for sand. VSI sand making machine designed for highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station provides high quality sand and gravel aggregate, artificial sand and stone shaping field device of choice. Product features: large capacity, high yield --VSI new Sand compared with conventional devices under the same power output increased by 30%, and stable operation; wearing parts consumption is low - the best material impact angle crushing chamber design , less friction and wear parts, lower 30% than traditional equipment operating costs, directly reduces the cost of equipment; excellent product shape - a cube products, grain shape is good, with the management, fineness modulus is adjustable; particularly suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping proved sand than other conventional devices, orthopedic effect increased 30%; hydraulic device, easy to maintain - hydraulic lid device, so that the crushing cavity component overhaul removable convenient downtime , saving time and effort; automatically detect, secure and reliable - set too vibrating display and alarm device, if the device adverse operation, may issue a warning, so that the device stops working, to protect the machine's purpose; lubrication, auto maintenance - German original oil lubrication station, double pump oil complementary ensure no oil flow, automatic shutdown when there is no oil; oil cooling and heating devices to ensure that the bearing lubrication is always at its best. Thus completely solve the heat problem bearings, spindle bearings to maintain constant temperature, extend maintenance intervals and service life.