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How to maintain Sand equipment

SBM Ltd believes that customers not only want to learn how to use the sand making machine, more importantly, we have to learn how to maintain the sand making equipment. Sand equipment complex internal structure, and is widely used for the hardness of the stones can be very high-intensity crushed sand, so that after a period of time, there will be some internal Sand dirt, the dirt tremendous impact the Sand efficiency and lifetime, if not a long time to clean up, it will produce a fatal blow on the Sand. In order to take preventive measures, we must pay attention to Sand cleanup. For Sand making machine cleaning, the acid and alkaline cleaning solution can be used, this is the most effective way. The hydrochloric acid solution at a concentration of 20% of the spilled dirt and sand making equipment place, wait about 10 minutes after which you can reuse of water to rinse. This time you will find that the presence of a little dirt will disappear, but please note that there will be a little bit of pickling danger, why? Because there is a great corrosive hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid when poured, but also need to constantly adjust the concentration of hydrochloric acid, and then the stirring constantly, if inadvertently, hydrochloric acid splashes thus likely harm to the staff, so we when using this type of approach, we must do security work, the operator should wear protective clothing. But there are some problems using hydrochloric acid wash that is, the cost will be great, because the hydrochloric acid used only once, can not be recycled, so we should have finished using drained back again no room for adjustment. So for us, but also a big waste. You can also change another method that can also be used caustic soda, usually twenty kilograms of water plus 1.5 kg and 0.5 kg of kerosene caustic cleaning fluid injected into the dirt configured to place, 10 minutes you can see the effect.