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Sand running-in process issues that need attention

As we all know, any mechanical equipment failures are likely to occur in the course, for a new type of sand making no exception. Although the birth of a new technology will bring us a new experience, but when sand making machine fails, we also need to take timely and appropriate measures to deal with it, to avoid delays to the project. Also in the Sand usually we have to regularly carry out maintenance and repair, the purpose is to extend its service life, reduce the frequency of failure. For example, just when the new sand making machine manufacturer that used in run-in period, for the necessity of it lubricated self-evident. Below Shanghai today for the special crusher manufacturers come to you to talk about Sand precautions run-in period. Sand making machine is a way to not only processing a variety of hard, extremely hard materials become artificial sand, the device can also be used in refractories, mining, cement and other industries crushing crushing operations. The lubricants are used to reduce friction between the sand making up the various components of the device, a liquid lubricant to protect the internal processing machinery and equipment and parts, mainly Sand play for lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing , rust and buffering functions and role. For now on the third generation sand making industry - such as the normal operation of river gravel crusher sand making equipment is inseparable from the lubricant protection, but in the run-in period of Sand and other equipment often appear lubrication adverse conditions, in serious cases, can also cause friction with precision groove surface scratches or mechanical occlusion phenomenon, caused by unexpected failure occurs, what it is it? This is because the new components are often assembled with a small gap, and because the assembly reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniformity with the gap, which makes the lubricating oil film can not be formed uniformly and reduces the friction performance of the lubricating performance on the body resulting in early abnormal wear. So in the running period of sand making equipment but also to pay attention to the machine lubrication problems.