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Vertical mill in dolomite refractory processing

The whole process dolomite, dolomite, etc. must first vertical roller mill processed directly to a certain fineness, so dolomite in the application process to a powder state appears, and then use high-temperature or high-temperature tunnel kiln shaft kiln calcined method for the synthesis of calcium and magnesium sand. Early dolomite refractory material used in the synthesis process is a step roasting method: high temperature firing directly dolomite dense sintered body, but this process is restricted natural dolomite ingredients uneven, high impurity content and other conditions, its performance and therefore subject to a great impact. vertical roller mill is running, driven by the main motor through a planetary gear reducer cone disc rotates, the material from the feed through the screw conveyor into the mouth, and fall into the machine at the center of rotation of the disc, while circulating air from the machine base inlet into the grinding chamber, with the uniform rotation disc, the material under the effect of centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the disc by rolling the wheel hydraulic pull through arcuate slot when the disc is on the crushed material crushed in the disc edge is driven by a high speed gas stream outlet of the annular gap, larger particles fall back on the disc will be directly re-grinding, the flow of material through the upper portion of a turbine machine classifier, the rotation of the rotor under the action of centrifugal force, so that the coarse powder is re-grinding millstone thrown fall in line with the requirements of the powder mill together with the airflow through a closed pipeline through the cyclone collector, then into the finished product warehouse storage needs of end-users is through the air lock is the star. Superfine vertical milling machine by adjusting the speed of the classifier, the main fan speed, etc., to achieve the desired fineness required for different products. Dolomite reserves in our country is extremely rich, mainly in Hebei, Hubei, Guangxi, Shaanxi and other places. Dolomite is the main basic refractories, because fusion of limestone and periclase their own characteristics, and therefore have a high alkalinity, temperature, stable thermodynamic properties, thermal shock resistance, can purify the molten steel, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Vertical milling machine integrates crushing, drying, milling, extension, transport, collecting in one, is the ideal equipment for superfine grinding industry. It can be widely used in industries of cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals, slag grinding, milling and other petroleum coke, which is a high-grade powder grind paint, artificial marble, artificial granite, PVC pipe, PPR pipe the ideal filler material. For the massive, granular and powdered materials ground into a fine powder materials required for the degree. This machine produce high yield, versatile, low energy consumption, easy operation, stable performance, the system is simple, compact layout, equipment vibration, low noise operation. LM series vertical milling machine for superfine solve industrial milling machines (such as a ball) low yields, high energy consumption, noise and large technical problems, absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with the company many years of experience in manufacturing advanced mill , according to market demand, mill equipment design improvements.