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As we all know, sand making machine industry has a good development trend, and has become a traditional and new business areas. Moment gravel industry is toward modernization, mature direction, under the influence of new Sand in this environment, it is bound to play a more prominent advantages. Sand making machine is mainly ore, mineral crushing, grinding and finally made ​​sand equipment. Suitable for crushing soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, plastic, widely used in various ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanisms built of stone with gold slag, especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, Misa high-hard, extra hard and abrasion resistance of materials is higher than other types of crushers output effect. Currently sand management industry is the production of sand and gravel and construction sites want to separate, so their duties, greatly improved production efficiency. And this is the need for efficient new Sand's help to be completed, the first is the production of sand stations can demand higher, and now the construction of gravel hardness requirements are very high. So if there is no new Sand efficient to put into use. Then sand station can produce impossible to meet the needs of construction sand. Beginning last year, has become an important way to the development of bulk cement building efficient and modern, with the strong call of the country, the provinces have carried the bulk cement production, meanwhile, concrete mixing station became an important means to improve the rate of cement in bulk. The normal production of concrete mixing station is the most inseparable lot of aggregate supply, and therefore, the production of high quality gravel aggregate is an important foundation to ensure the stable development of our national economy. Sand production line: stone by vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher for coarse broken, after the crude material by belt conveyor to break into the highly efficient crusher for further crushing, crushing the material is conveyed to the vibration sieved to achieve the required product size material is fed into the sand washing machine cleaning, after cleaning the product conveyor output is finished; does not meet the size requirements of the finished material back from the shaker sand reworked to form a closed and more cycles. Finished size can be a combination of the user's needs and grading. If you use dry production process, can be equipped with thick powder separator and dust removal equipment.