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High fineness of vertical milling machine

Vertical milling machine (vertical mill) is SBM using a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced process, set drying, grinding, separator, improve integration, to address the low industrial mill output, energy consumption and higher technical problem, absorbing European advanced technology combined with our years of design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand, after years of painstaking design of large-scale grinding equipment improved, especially in the large grinding process, to fully meet customer demand for its The main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. Vertical milling machine works: drive motor through reducer rotating disc, while hot air from the air inlet into the vertical mill, the material falls on the central disc from the feed opening, under the effect of centrifugal force, and its material from the disc center to the edge of the disc moving the disc passes through the annular groove, by the rolling mill rolls and grinding, the material to be crushed to the disc edge continues to move until it is taken away by the air flow at the air ring, while the large particles and the material continues to fall on the disc crushed. The material flow through the upper part of the separator, the guide vanes in the role of coarse material from the hopper cone fell on the disc, together with the air out fine grinding, is collected dust collector system, namely powder was collected products for vertical mill grind. The material in contact with the housing process gas is dried, the product needed to reach dry humidity. By adjusting the angle of the separator guide blades (small vertical mill is not adjustable) and the separator rotor speed, we can achieve the desired thickness of the product. Vertical milling machine structures: the main by the separator, roller device, disc devices, pressure device, part of the reducer, motor, housing and so on. A splitter is a highly efficient, energy-saving separator device. Roller compaction is used to crush the material for components. Disc fixed to the output shaft of the reducer is local roller compacted material. Pressurizing means is provided for the grinding pressure of the roller mill components, providing sufficient pressure to crush the material to the grinding rolls. Vertical milling machine applications: Widely used in glass fiber industry pyrophyllite powder grinding fineness large high yield; large yield powder coal gangue powder production industry; large yield powder chemical industry chemical raw materials production ; non-metallic minerals industry, a variety of low, large-scale production of powder in the preparation and hundreds of high hardness ores.