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Sand making machine Product Features

VSI series vertical shaft impact sand making machine is efficient German experts working conditions combined with China's latest design achievements, is the exclusive domestic production of high performance crushing equipment has the world's advanced level. It is a unique rotor design, wear-resistant materials technology, breaking the speed of the hydraulic design optimization and the perfect combination. Sand making machine is a professional crushing machinery manufacturing technology and the perfect combination of a model is to fully reflect the new technologies, new processes. In artificial sand industry, to produce the desired product sand and concrete aggregate; in stone shaping field, to obtain high-quality, grain shape good gravel products; VSI series of high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher is the most effective a choice. The machine is designed for highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station provides high quality sand and gravel aggregate, artificial sand and stone shaping field device of choice. VSI sand making it solves the problem of a machine, patented circular waterfall drop feed system and liner transformation can be achieved, "stone at stone" and "stone blacksmith," the clever conversion; using advanced hydraulic opening cover device so broken replacement of wearing parts cavity convenient, easy; self-developed double pump oil lubrication system to ensure the healthy functioning of the main bearing system; tech automatic monitor adverse circumstances when the machine can automatically stop or issue a warning. Due to the unique design concept, VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher efficiency greatly improved production efficiency and final product quality, significantly reducing the cost of production and consumption of wearing parts, and it is to lower prices than imported equipment to meet the domestic market demand. Sand Product Features: This machine is a new development in the nineties, stone crushing equipment, is currently the world's widely used to replace cone crusher, roller mill, ball mill models. Structure is novel, unique, balanced operation. Energy consumption, high yield, large crushing ratio. Devices are small, easy to operate, easy installation and maintenance. Capable of shaping the product was cubic shape, high bulk density. vsi sand making production process, the stone can form a protective bottom, body wear, durable. A small amount of easy to wear pieces with special hard wear-resistant material into small size, light weight, easy replacement of parts.