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R & D is a vertical mill industry trends

Development of Chinese industry vertical roller mill began in the 1950s, originally introduced vertical roller mill industrial milling operations, process requiring a simple, single workflow, coupled with the construction industry was the country urgently needs to make vertical roller mill in the country eminent powder equipment market, resulting in a wide range of awareness, there are still many places in the vertical roller mill considered collectively industrial milling equipment, all the mill equipment for industrial, nothing called vertical roller milling mill. vertical roller mill grinding reputation in the industrial market, social environmental factors, the result is long-term culture until the 1980's, the market for small and medium mill Raymond mill and ball mill is still only two names, and the introduction of foreign large vertical mill and jet mill, rarely enter the low-end market segments, mostly worked in large state-owned enterprises. This situation continued until the early nineties, grinding openness to further expand the market began to improve after Raymond various products, after pressurized Raymond mill can provide higher grinding fineness and efficiency, generally recognized and accepted by the market, the arrival of the era of high pressure hanging roller mill. There are others, such as accompanying centrifugal mill, milling machines and other pass-through product improvement, the ultimate high pressure hanging roller mill to stabilize practical improvements in technology to win the market position. The late nineties, the Internet's emergence vertical roller mill greatly expand sales channels, while the diversification of modern powder industry and extensive application of high-tech materials also contributed to the milling machine direction of evolution towards more sophisticated, for marketing and promotional use doublethink, milling machine model and type is beginning to show the disorder, a large number of various types of milling machine products flooding the market, so that milling machine industry was extremely confusing. The development of modern milling machines need to constantly adapt to the rapid development of the application of powder materials industry, the only mill has introduced new products in order to keep up with the pace of development milling machine market, the development of new milling machine milling machine has become a normal enterprise, any stalled or rely on mimicry ideas will eventually abandon the market. However, we also believe that there Liming Heavy mill industry leader in this technology, research and development of new products mill mill will not be restricting the development of the industry bottleneck, but will become a whole industry to achieve the integration of resources and quality of qualitative help, because we all know that there is competition, there is progress, there is only the strength to survive in the current situation mill industry, these words get more distinctive highlights.