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Our company vertical milling machine efficient and environmentally friendly

Our company mill that vertical roller mill, also known as large vertical mill, is a large milling machine. It is usually used in the manufacture of cement raw material, so called lime mill. Of course JYM mill use is not limited to limestone grinding, it can be used in chemical, ceramic, slag, steel slag powder production. The powder is essential for metallurgy, aerospace, electronics, construction, refractory materials, machinery and other industries, the formation of the organic chain. Our company works vertical roller mill driven grinder motor driven gear rotates, the material falls on the disc along with the movement into orbit grinder grinding the edges under the action of centrifugal force, under pressure from the roller, resulting in enormous friction, so that the material crushed into powder. Hot air from the lower shell inlet into the mill, the material after grinding is blowing air through the separator, qualified powder flow out with the tube mill, down is collected by the cleaning equipment products, meal gravity under the action, again down to the grinding disc again, and so on ad infinitum, to grinding standards. Slightly larger objects or choke iron will throw from the rotating disc, drop into the slag discharge port, open the tap outlet regularly to clear debris. Advantages Our vertical milling machine and mill comparison are: do not take place, a mill site can be set 2-3 sets of vertical mill equipment. Compared with the production of large vertical mill ball mill to reduce energy consumption 20% to 40%. The gap between the roller and the grinding machine can be self-regulation can be achieved kept fineness. In Limestone Grinding, JYM mill can pipeline operations, with the production with use, but the ball should be used only after a one-time production. Because they belong to the jet mill, can pass into the hot air to help dry. So JYM limestone grinding mill can be certain humidity, hot air into the kiln to help drying, very suitable for the cement industry. Wind speed can be adjusted on their own, with predetermined fineness. Low noise, less dust, good working environment. Jian Ye JYM mill is representative of large domestic mill, it appears to some extent alleviate the well-known foreign mining companies a monopoly on large milling equipment to fill the technological gap. Installation Requirements vertical milling machine: Before installing the device, check the size and location of equipment foundation, bolt holes, must meet the requirements of design drawings. Reducer output shaft center must be lower case centers on the error, the centerline not more than 0.3 mm between. Mill base and motor base longitudinal and transverse horizontal dimension error shall not more than 0.05 mm / m. Installed on the disc liner, the liner must ensure that the level of agreement between the liner and the adjacent elevation, consistency between the liner, the gap between the application of asbestos packing liner securely plugged, prohibit the use of metal filling, pressure ring to firmly pressed the liner. Connected between the seal at the roller and the housing must be carefully installed so tight seal to ensure the normal operation of the mill, otherwise, will affect the grinding and drying effect. Roller gap between the liner and the disc 5-10 mm, must turn roller and disc installation to check. When the mutual rotation of the roller and the disc at any location between the two may not be in contact with each other, adjustable limit bolts will, as equal as possible the gap between the two. Wind between disc ring may not contact each other in order to ensure a flexible disc dynamic change. Motor transport semi coupling shaft with gear input shaft coupling halves central axis coaxial 0.1 mm.