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Advanced technology research and development vertical mill

According to foreign advanced technology developed vertical roller mill, roller mill with pressure by rolling on a rotating disk of material (0-44mm) were milled to achieve the appropriate fineness, which has a high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, product fineness easy to adjust, low noise, low power consumption, the process is simple, small abrasion, operating cost saving and so on. Under the same conditions, speed, disc diameter, material layer, the same as the case of the pressure roller, vertical roller mill grinding efficiency can be increased by more than 30%, the average energy savings of 8.2%, the impact of vibration of the machine significantly reduced. The product technology has reached the international advanced level, the manufacturing quality has reached domestic leading level, through ministerial-level appraisal, in 1995 was listed as state-level new products. Vertical mill principle the main structure and function: a vertical main structure of the separator from the mill, roller device, disc means, pressurizing means, part of the reducer, the motor, housing and the like. Separator is an important component determines the thickness of the mill product, which consists of adjustable speed drives, rotors, guide blades, housing, meals, blanking cone hopper, outlet, etc., is a highly efficient, energy-saving, efficient separator device. Roller is a major part of the materials for rolling grinding. It was installed in the mill bent arm, under the action of external forces, pressed the material on the disc, the disc is in the drive, roller will rotate, allowing the material to be compacted and crushed. A disc fixed to the output shaft of the reducer, the upper part of the disc material bed, the bed material has an annular groove, the material in the annular groove is crushed by the roller. Pressure device is to provide a pressure roller grinding components, which consists of high-pressure oil station, hydraulic cylinder rod, accumulators, etc., can exert enough pressure on the roller so that the material crushed. Reducer is a major power transmission components, disc rotation speed is the speed reducer output shaft speed. Vertical mill drive motor through reducer rotating disc, while hot air from the air inlet into the vertical mill, the material falls on the central disc from the feed opening, due to the centrifugal force, the material moves from the disc center to the edge of the disc, through the annular groove on the disc when, by the rolling mill rolls and grinding, the material was crushed to continue moving to the edge of the disc until it is taken away by the wind flow annulus, while large particles fall onto the disc material and continue to smash. The material flow through the upper part of the separator, the guide vanes in the role of coarse material from the hopper cone fell on the disc, together with the air out fine grinding, is collected dust collector system, namely powder was collected products for vertical mill grind. The material in contact with the housing process gas is dried, the product needed to reach dry humidity. By adjusting the angle of the separator guide blades (small vertical mill is not adjustable) and the separator rotor speed, we can achieve the desired thickness of the product