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LM vertical milling machine working principle and process

LM series vertical roller mill mainly separator, roller device, disc device, pressurized part of the device, reducer, motor, housing and so on. A splitter is a highly efficient, energy-saving separator device. Roller compaction is used to crush the material for components. Disc fixed to the output shaft of the reducer is local roller compacted material. When the pressing means in order to provide a grinding pressure of the roller member, the roller to provide sufficient pressure to crush the material. LM vertical roller mill works: Motor through reducer rotating disc drive, so that the material was air lock feeder from the inlet falls central disc, while hot air from the air inlet into the mill. With the rotation of the turntable, the material under the effect of centrifugal force to the edge of the disc with a high-speed airflow is from the air ring, the large particles fall directly on the disc re-grinding, the material into the gas stream through the upper separator, the rotation of the rotor in the under the action, meal bucket fell from the cone disc re-grinding, qualified powder together with a mill stream, collected by collecting device, that is, products, materials containing moisture is dried in the process of contact with the hot gas, the by adjusting the air temperature, the humidity of materials to meet different requirements, to achieve all the requirements of the product moisture. By adjusting the separator can achieve the desired thickness of the different products. LM vertical milling machine process: A single-pulse filter system of the present system of raw materials through the open bucket machine into the raw materials warehouse, after weighing, except when the iron belt conveyor into the air lock feeder, as much as possible to ensure that the raw material into the mill does not improve string wind. Products with a single pulse dust collection to complete, reducing the number of units of equipment, simplifying the configuration of the system. After the product was collected by screw feeder elevator into the finished product silo by bucket. Wet material into the mill can be drying. Two, plus pulse dust collector cyclone closed system The difference between this system and the single-pulse filter open system is to collect a set of products to complete the cyclone, Fan part of the gas introduced into the mill for recycling, can reduce the work load of the system and the amount of gas through the precipitator, and ultimately pulse dust removal equipment available. Third, the single-pulse filter closed system The difference between this system and the single collector system is the product collected after use pneumatic conveying system into the finished product silos, while most of the gas is introduced into the suction fan mill for recycling.