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Vertical milling machine for dry-process cement production

vertical roller mill is widely used in cement production line, the new modern new dry process cement production line in the device of choice. Vertical milling machine with a reasonable alternative Cement ball mill has become an important step in improving the process, reduce energy consumption and improve overall efficiency, but also the state advocates important equipment used in cement production. Vertical milling machine is developed from l906 onwards, it has been continually improved over the past century, experienced a roller by centrifugal force to put pressure on the spring-loaded, and now pressurized with hydraulic pneumatic spring system. By grinding material from the soft to medium hardness coal cement raw materials to brittle cement clinker and slag. For the cement industry, the NSP technology invention calciner, rotary kiln production doubled and large, is a vertical milling machine system to promote the cement production industry. Cement production lines to the satisfaction of the coal grinding mill, grinding cement raw materials, cement clinker and slag grinding requirements, in order to achieve higher overall energy consumption standards, we have been the introduction of foreign equipment, the cost is high. Recognizing our products due to a serious gap with foreign countries, bitter experience, we decided to develop milling equipment. The introduction of foreign technology can not directly solve the problem, we should do reasonably digest, we know that. Shanghai Jianye Heavy vertical milling machine with a reasonable and reliable structural design, set drying, grinding, separator, lifting in one, very suitable for cement production. The main structure of vertical milling machine by separator roller device, disc devices, pressure device, part of the reducer, motor, housing and so on. Separator is an important component determines the thickness of the mill product, which consists of adjustable speed drives, rotors, guide blades, housing, meals, blanking cone hopper, outlet, etc., is a highly efficient, energy-saving, efficient separator device. Roller is a major part of the materials for rolling grinding. It was installed in the mill bent arm, under the action of external forces, pressed the material on the disc, the disc in the drive, the grinding rollers move along, so that the material is compacted and crushed. A disc fixed to the output shaft of the reducer, the upper part of the disc material bed, the bed material has an annular groove, the material in the annular groove is crushed by the roller. Pressure device is to provide a pressure roller grinding components, which consists of high-pressure oil station, hydraulic cylinder rod, accumulators, etc., can exert enough pressure on the roller so that the material crushed. Reducer is a major power transmission components, disc rotation speed is the speed reducer output shaft speed. Vertical milling machine for the new modern cement production has unique advantages, vertical milling machine used in cement production, may vary with the use of grinding, and grinding mill to wait a whole are good before use. Vertical milling machine drying system is very powerful, grinding materials with certain moisture in the cement kiln applications can also aid in the hot gas, drying capacity even more powerful.