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SBM crusher create a new era of crushing

SBM gravel crusher is a crusher machine industry first applications in gravel production line, sand production line is generally used as the first break. With high utilization of its jaw, and high production efficiency, easy adjustment, product good grain shape, grain size distribution and other characteristics, widely used at home and abroad. But things are developing, jaw broken in many ways still has deficiencies, the need to constantly improve its structure and material. Jaw Crusher crushing process of traditional single: You can not achieve multi broken, in the course of their work, the material to be broken is if the nature of many of the traditional crushing process can not make them completely dissociated, but also prone to the phenomenon of the material had crushed. This had crushed so useful components to reduce the formation of waste crushing operations, resulting in waste of resources; Jaw-breaking technology lags behind: The current jaw crusher achieved under conditions of ultra-fine grinding technology process is very difficult, we need to go through in order to achieve multi-stage crushing operation, due to the device as a whole is relatively large, relatively heavy, during the installation process needs to take a long a large area and space, but also a solid support base; but the biggest problem is the jaw crusher energy consumption: the ultimate breaking strength reaches a certain extent, broken equipment will consume a lot of energy but it does not achieve ideological crushing effect, power consumption, steel consumption and other energy consumption of large, energy-saving effect can not be effectively achieved. Jaw crusher how to improve it? Anyway development jaw crusher, its working principle is fixed, want to optimize jaw crusher, which is to improve the life and efficiency of jaw crusher. SBM first choice of materials from the start, select steel that is jaw crusher production materials, wear is the most important requirements for broken equipment, jaw crusher wear parts mainly jaw plate and guard plate, jaw plate with high quality high manganese steel alloy in the steel casting process by adjusting the ratio of hardness and improve resistance of the material. Secondly, from a structural point of view, jaw crusher structure includes the whole appearance, shape and optimize each component part assembly design. Jaw crusher casting and welding chassis can also be used in other ways such as bolts convergence, so jaw crusher adaptability in the use of the site will have a greatly improved. Optimization of the cavity shape, that changes the shape of the tooth plate section, to get a more reasonable crushing chamber curve, so feeding and nesting get the best fit, change the suspension height, the height of the suspension being reduced to zero or even negative suspension order increasing the level of the lower movable jaw stroke.